Shared Access Programme

Shared Infrastructure

All INSPIRE Institutional partners have extensive experience in the development, implementation and management of integrated collaborative research programmes. All partners operate centres or Institutes focused on delivering value-added research by developing research collaborations and in providing access to centralised equipment.

To view DCU-based Equipment  included in the INSPIRE Shared Access Programme, click on the following links

RINCE Equipment

NCPST Equipment

To apply for access to technology from the lists please contact our Access Programme Manager at

Click on this link to view the entire list of INSPIRE equipment (located across the consortium of institutions). 

Important Note: All academic publications facilitated through INSPIRE should carry the following standard acknowledgement: 
"This work was conducted under the framework of the INSPIRE programme, funded by the Irish Government's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, Cycle 4, National Development Plan 2007-2013"