Note: The research leading to these publications was conducted under the framework of the INSPIRE programme, funded by the Irish Government's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, National Development Plan 2007-2013.

Selected Publications - 2011

Control of ZnO nanowire arrays by Nanosphere Lithography (NSL) on laser-produced ZnO substrates; Garry, S., McCarthy, E., Mosnier, J.-P., and McGlynn, E.;  Applied Surface Science, 257, 2011, 5159–5162.

Observation of weakly-bound Ge double donor exciton luminescence in ZnO; Johnston, K., Cullen, J., Henry, M.O., McGlynn, E., and Stachura, M.;  Physical Review B, 83, 2011, article # 125205.

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Generation of Coherent Multicarrier Signals by Gain Switching of Discrete Mode Lasers; Anandarajah, P.M., Maher, R., Xu, Y.Q., Latkowski, S., O'Carroll, J., Murdoch, S.G.,  Phelan, R., O'Gorman, J., Barry, L.P.; IEEE Photonics Journal, 3,1, 2011, pp. 112-122

Effects of the crystallite mosaic spread on integrated peak intensities in 2 theta-omega measurements of highly crystallographically textured ZnO thin films; McCarthy, E., Kumar, RTR., Doggett, B., Chakrabarti, S.; O'Haire, RJ, Newcomb, SB; Mosnier, JP, Henry, MO, McGlynn, E; Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics, 44(37), 2011, Art No 375401.

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Control of ZnO nanowire arrays by nanosphere lithography (NSL) on laser-produced ZnO substrates; Garry, S., McCarthy, E.,  Mosnier, JP,  McGlynn, E;  Applied Surface Science, 257(12), 2011, pp. 5159-5162.

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Wavelength Tunability of All-Optical Clock-Recovery Based on Quantum-Dash Mode-Locked Laser Diode Under Injection of a 40-Gb/s NRZ Data Stream; Parra-Cetina, J., Latkowski, S., Maldonado-Basilio, R., Landais, P.;  IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 23, (9), 2011, pp.531-534.

Spectral amplitude and phase measurement of a 40 GHz free-running quantum-dash modelocked laser diode; Murdoch, S. G., Watts, R. T., Xu, Y. Q., Maldonado-Basilio, R., Parra-Cetina, J., Latkowski, S., Landais, P., Barry, L.P.; Optics Express, 19(14), 2011, pp.13628-13635.

Impact of bias current distribution on the noise figure and power saturation of a multicontact semiconductor optical amplifier; Lennox, R., Carney, K., Maldonado-Basilio, R., Philippe, S., Bradley, A. L.,  Landais, P.;  Opt. Lett. 36(13), 2011, pp.2521-2523.

40 GHz mode-beating with 8 Hz linewidth and 64 fs timing jitter from a synchronized mode-locked quantum-dash laser diode; Maldonado-Basilio, R., Latkowski, S., Philippe, S., Landais, P.;  Opt. Lett. 36(16), 2011, pp.3142-3144.

Spectral amplitude and phase measurement of a 40 GHz free-running quantum-dash modelocked laser diode; Murdoch, S.G., Watts, R.T., Xu, Y.Q., Maldonado-Basilio, R., Parra-Cetina, J., Latkowski, S., Landais, P., Barry, L.P.;  Opt. Express 19, 13628-13635 (2011)

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Analysis of a Buffered Optical Switch with General Interarrival Times; McArdle, C., Tafani, D., Barry, L.P.;  Journal of Networks, 6(4), 2011, pp 536-548.

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Dynamic Linewidth Measurement Method via an Optical Quadrature Front End; Shi, K., Watts, R.T., Reid, D., Huynh, T. N., Browning, C., Anandarajah, P. M., Smyth, F., Barry, L.P.; Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE , 23(21), 2011, pp.1591-1593.

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Combined use of three-dimensional X-ray diffraction imaging and micro-Raman spectroscopy for the non-destructive evaluation of plasma arc induced damage on silicon wafers; Stopford, J., Allen, D., Aldrian, O., Morshed, M., Wittge, J., Danilewsky, A.N., McNally, P.J.;  Microelectron. Eng., 88, 2011, pp. 64–71.

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Charge resolved electrostatic diagnostic of colliding copper laser plasma plumes;  Yeates, P., Fallon, C., Kennedy, E. T., Costello, J. T.; Physics of Plasmas 18, 2011, Art. No. 103104.

Selected Publications - 2010

Spatially Resolved Investigation of the Optical and Structural Properties of CuCl Thin Films on Si; Foy, B., McGlynn, E., Cowley, A., McNally, P.J. and Henry, M.O.;  AIP Conference Proceedings, 1292, 2010, 209–212.

Characterization of a tunable three-section slotted Fabry–Perot laser for advanced modulation format optical transmission; Shi, K., Smyth, F., Reid, D.A., Roycroft, B., Corbett, B., Peters, F.H., Barry, L.P.;  Optics Communications, 284, 6, 2010, pp.1616-1621

Wavelength and Bandwidth Tunable TPA Semiconductor Microcavity Detector for High-Speed Signal Processing in WDM Systems; Bondarczuk, K., Boucher, Y.G., Besnard, P., Reid, D., Barry, L.P.; Journal of Quantum Electronics, 46, 11, 2010, pp.1518-1525.

Characteristics of silicon nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications; Moore, D., Krishnamurthy, S., Chao, Y., Wang, Q., Brabazon, D. and McNally, P.J.;  Physica Status Solidi A, 208, 2010, pp.604-607.

Linewidth of SG-DBR laser and its effect on DPSK transmissionShi, K., Smyth, F, Anandarajah, P.M., Reid, D.A., Yu, Y., Barry, L.P.;  Optics Communications, 283,24, 2010, pp. 5040-5045.

Linewidth Calibration of SG-DBR LasersShi, K., Reid, D.A.Barry, L.P.Yonglin YuSmyth, F.; IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 22, 23, 2010, pp. 1729-1731

Fast Switching Slotted Fabry-Perot Laser for Phase Modulated Transmission Systems; Shi, K., Smyth, F., Reid, D.A., Browning, C., Roycroft, B., Corbett, B., Peters, F.H., Barry, L.P.;  Journal of Lightwave Technology, 28, 23, 2010, pp. 3409-3416.

Optical Generation of Modulated Millimeter Waves Based on a Gain-Switched LaserShams, H.Anandarajah, P.M.Perry, P.Barry, L.P.; IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 58, 11, 2010, pp.3372 – 3380.

A study of drop-coated and chemical bath-deposited buffer layers for vapour phase deposition of large area, aligned, zinc oxide nanorod arrays; Byrne, D., McGlynn, E., Biswas, M., Henry, M.O., Kumar, K. and G. Hughes;  Crystal Growth and Design, 10, 2010, pp.2400–2408.

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Multiphoton-absorption induced ultraviolet luminescence of ZnO nanorods using low-energy femtosecond pulses; Das, S. K., Biswas, M., Byrne, D., Bock, M., McGlynn, E., Breusing, M. and R. Grunwald;  Journal of Applied Physics, 108, 2010, article # 043107.

Stagnation layers at the collision front between two laser-induced plasmas: A study using time resolved imaging and spectroscopy; Dardis J. and J.T. Costello;  Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 65(8), 2010, pp627-635

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Electroluminescence of γ-CuBr thin films via vacuum evaporation depositon; Cowley, A., Olabanji Lucas, F, Gudimenko, E, Alam, M.M., Danieluk, D., Bradley, A.L., and P.J. McNally;   Journal of Physics D Applied Physics, 43, 165101 (2010) (5pp) doi:10.1088/0022-3727/43/16/165101.

Analysis of a narrowband terahertz signal generated by a unitravelling carrier photodiode coupled with a dual-mode semiconductor Fabry–Pérot laser; Latkowski, S., Parra-Cetina, J., Maldonado-Basilio, R., Landais, P., Ducournau, G., Beck, A., Peytavit, E.,  Akalin, T. and J-F. Lampin;  Applied Physcis Letters, 96, 2010, pp. 241106-1-241106-3.

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Implementation of a cost-effective optical comb source in a WDM-PON with 10.7Gb/s data to each ONU and 50km reach; Maher, R., Shi, K., Barry, L.P, O’Carroll, J. Kelly, B., Phelan, R., O’Gorman, J. and P.M. Anandarajah;  Optics Express, 18(15), 2010, pp.15672-15681 (2010)

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Selected Publications - 2009

Time-resolved pump-probe experiments beyond the jitter limitations at FLASH; Azima A., Costello, J.T., Cubaynes, D., Dardis, J., Dusterer, S., Feldhaus, J., Hayden, P., Hough, P.,  Kennedy, E.T., Li, W., Meyer, M., Radcliffe, P., Redlin, H., Richardson, V., Schlarb, H., and N. Stojanovic; Applied Physics Letters, 94, 2009, Art. No.144102. 

Spatial inhomgeneity of donor bound exciton emission from ZnO nanostructures grown on Si; Biswas, M., Henry, M. O., Kwack, H. S., Le Si Dang, D.  and E. McGlynn; Nanotechnology, 20, 2009, article # 255703.

Carbothermal reduction vapor phase transport growth of ZnO nanostructures – effects of various carbon sources; Biswas, M., Henry, M. O., McCann, M., McGlynn, E., and A. Rafferty ; Journal of Applied Physics, 105, 2009, article # 094306.

Experiments at FLASH; Bostedt, C., Chapman, H.N., Costello, J.T., CrespoLópez-Urrutia, J.R., Düsterer, S., Epp, S.W., Feldhaus, J., Föhlisch, A., Meyer, M., Möller,T., Moshammer, R.,  Richter, M., Sokolowski-Tinten, K., Sorokin, A., Tiedtke, K., Ullrich, J. and Wurth, W.;  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A;  601, 2009, pp.108-122.

ZnO Thin Films grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition on Soda Lime Glass Substrates for the Ultraviolet Inactivation of Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilms; Boyle, M.A., Henry, M.O., McDonnell, S., McGlynn, E., McGuigan, K.G., Mosnier, J.-P., and R.J. O’Haire; Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 10, 2009, article # 045003.

Structural, optical and  electrical properties of co-evaporated CuCl/KCl films;  Bradley, L., Cowley, A., Daniels, S., Danieluk, D., McNally, P. J., Olabanji Lucas, F. and D.M. Taylor; Physica Status Solidi (c), 6(S1), 2009, pp.s114–s118/ DOI 10.1002/pssc.200881310.

UV emission on a Si substrate: Optical and structural properties of γ-CuCl on Si grown using liquid phase epitaxy techniques; Bradley, A.L., Cowley, A.,  Danilewsky, A. N., Danilieuk, D.,  Foy, B.,  McGlynn, E. and  P.J. McNally;  Physica Status Solidi (a), 206, 2009, pp. 923-926.

Time Resolved Nomarski Interferometery of Laser Produced Plasma Plumes; Costello, J.T., Harilal, S.S., Hough, P., Kelly, C., McLoughlin, T.J. and J.P. Mosnier; Applied Surface Science, 255, 2009, pp.5167-5171.

Growth and Field Emission Properties of ZnO Nanostructures Deposited by a Novel Pulsed Laser Ablation Source on Silicon Substrates;Costello, J.T., Hough, P., McLoughlin, C. and J.P. Mosnier; ; Ultramicroscopy, 109, 2009, pp.399-402.

Particle Diagnostics of a ZnO Laser Ablation Plume for Nanostructured Material Deposition; Costello, J.T., Hough, P., McLoughlin, C. and J.P. Mosnier; Applied Surface Science, 255, 2009, pp.5338-5341. 

All-Optical Synchronization of a 40 Ghz Self-Pulsating Distributed Bragg Reflector laser on Return-to-Zero 10, 20 and 40 Gbit/s Data Stream;Duan, G-H., landais, P., Latkowski, S. and F. Surre; Optics Communications, 282, 2009, pp.2052-1058.

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Multiple Access Interference Rejection in OCDMA using a Two-Photon Absorption Based Semiconductor Device; Barry, L.P., Dexter, K.J., Ibsen, M., Maguire, P.J., Petropoulos, P., Reid, D.A., Richardson, D.J. and Tian, C.; Optics Communications, 282(7), 2009, pp.1281-1286. 

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Optical Millimeter-Wave Generation and Transmission System for 1.25 Gigabit/s Downstream Link using a Gain Switched Laser; Anandarajah, P.M., Barry, L.P., Shams, H., and P. Perry; Optics Communications, 282(24), 2009, pp.4789-4792.

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Selected Publications 2008

Structural and electrical characterisation of ion-implanted strained silicon; Bennett, N.S., Cowern, N.E.B., Horan, K., Lankinen, A., McNally, P.J., O’Reilly, L., Sealy, B.J., and Tuomi; T.O.; Materials Science Engineering: B, (2008);

Optical properties of CuCl films on silicon substrates; Bradley, A. L., Cameron, D. C., Daniels, S., Danieluk, D., Lucas, O. F., Martinez-Rosas M., Mitra, Anirban, McNally, P. J., Natarajan, Gomathi, O’Reilly, L. and Reade, A.; Physica Status Solidi (b), 1–7 (2008) / DOI 10.1002/pssb.200844021.

Constraints on micro-Raman strain metrology for highly doped strained Si materials; Bailey, P., Bennett, N. S., Cowern, N. E. B., Gwilliam, R. M., Horan, K., Lankinen, A., McNally, P. J., Noakes, T. C. Q., O’Reilly, L. and Sealy, B. J. ;  Applied Physics Letters,  92, 233506 (2008).

Growth and Characterisation of Epitaxially Ordered Zinc Aluminate Domains on c-Sapphire; Grabowska, J., Henry, M.O., McGlynn, E., McNally, P.J., Mosnier, J.-P., Nanda, K.K., Newcomb, S.B., O’Reilly, L. and Rajendra K.; Thin Solid Films, 516 (2008) 1725-1735.

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Special Issue: Papers from the 6th International Conference on Materials for Microelectronics and Nanoengineering; McNally, Patrick (Guest Editor); (MFMN2006); J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Electron.; 19 (2) 97-209.

Analysis of bit rate dependence up to 80 Gbit/s of a simple wavelength converter based on XPM in a SOA and a shifted filtering; Anandarajah, P., Barry, L.P, Bramerie, L., Clarke, A.M., Girault, G., Guignard, C., Harvey, J., Reid, D., Simon, J-C.;  Journal of Optics Communications, 281(23), 2008, pp. 5731-5738.